Our History…

For over 40 years now, Antiquing Texas has been a proud member of the Texas antiquing community through the production of our monthly publication, Antiquing Texas. Started in 1979, Antiquing Texas was built to help local antiquers connect with hundreds of the best antique stores and shows in Texas. Word got out, and before long tourists at Texas Visitors Centers around the state began asking for a copy. So, we shipped some there. And then we shipped some more.

Antiquing enthusiasts from near and far now had an easy way to find the some of the best antique stores in the country, and advertisers now had a cost-effective way to reach those enthusiasts. Everyone was happy.

Today, Antiquing Texas distributes tens of thousands of copies all across the great state of Texas. And though a lot of things have changed since we first started printing, there’s a lot that hasn’t. We’re still locally, family-owned and operated. We still know all of our customers on a first name basis. We still have the best antique stores in the country in our publication, and most importantly, we still love creating this publication for all of you every month.

From all of us at Antiquing Texas, thanks for 40 great years. Here’s to to 40 more.